How Many Monthly Listeners Do You Need on Spotify To Make Money?

How Many Monthly Listeners Do You Need on Spotify To Make Money?

So, you've got a banging hot track that you just KNOW is gonna blow up and make you some serious bank. But how can you be sure? And more importantly, how many monthly listeners on Spotify do you need to make money? In this article, we break it all down for you! Spoiler alert: You need a LOT of fans to see any real profits. ;)

Spotify has over 100 million month active listeners. Artists rely heavily on spotify to attract new listeners and new fans into their music. You probably dream of having million of monthly listeners and streams but the golden question is: How many monthly listeners do you need to Spotify to make money.

Lets break this down, according to Dittomusic, Spotify pays artists between $0.003 - $0.005 per stream on average. Here is a break of how much streams you need to get in order to make X amount

  • 1000 streams = $4.37
  • 10,000 streams = $43.70
  • 100,000 streams = $437.70
  • 1,000,000 streams = $4370

Congratulations! 1,000,000 streams of your song and your now a millionaire! oh wait, no your not. Your a couple grand up and have enough money to buy head-turning, eye-brow raising, sensational Ford Focus.

All jokes aside. Its a joke.

But how much monthly listeners do you need to be able to buy your ford focus dream car? lol

According to, A good number of monthly listeners on Spotify is 50,000, as at this number, you should make anywhere from $500 to $1,500, or more, every month, which a great stream of income from Spotify. However, fan engagement is more important than total monthly listeners.

50,000 monthly listeners is quite easily achieveable with the right music promotion and growth strategy but the income is still quite low in my opinion. Income is subjective - one mans low is anothers man high. 

But still i think we can both agree 'the more money you make, the better'.

So lets get into my ways you can add to your monthly streaming income.



4 Income Streams for Artists and Producers

License your music for commercials, TV shows, and movies

    You could be making serious bank with your music by licensing it for commercials and TV shows. The movie industry is always looking to use new soundtracks, so why not get in on the action? As an independent artist or producer you have many opportunities available through these types of collaborations that can really put cash into the pockets!

    Teach music lessons or workshops

      Write a 20-30 page document in word about how you got started in making music, or how you write your songs or how you prepare for a release campaign. Export the document as PDF and congratulations, you have an eBook. The ebook game is crazy profitable. Believe me when I say i've made thousands and thousands of dollars by writing my own ebooks and selling them to other upcoming artists who need inspiration or help in some kind of way. Everyone needs a mentor or coach at some point in their journey - you could be someones inspiration.

      Sell your talent on Fiverr

        The Fiverr market is a great place to sell your music talents. Buyers are looking for specific things, like voice actors or rappers with certain styles and techniques in their repertoire - it's literally impossible not too make it big on I started selling my music production and songwriting service back in 2016 and today, im a fiverr top rated seller and ambassador. I highly recommend you create an account and list you talents.

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