How Many Monthly Listeners on Spotify is Good?

How Many Monthly Listeners on Spotify is Good?

Spotify Monthly Listeners

Are you an artist looking to navigate the complex world of Spotify?

Understanding how Spotify's monthly listeners impact your earnings is crucial for any musician aiming to make the most out of this powerful platform. Spotify has 422 million active users and offers the potential for major moola.

In this post, we'll answer some frequently asked questions and guide you to climbing the charts. 


What are Monthly Listeners on Spotify?

Monthly listeners are simply how many unique ears your music has reached over a 30-day period.


What are Spotify Streams?

Spotify streams are the number of times a song has been played on the Spotify platform.

Each time a user listens to a song, it counts as one stream. Streams are used by Spotify to track the popularity of songs and artists, and they can also impact royalty payments to artists based on the number of streams their music receives.



How Many Monthly Listeners on Spotify is Good?

If you have more than 50 monthly listeners than you are in the top 80% of Spotify Artists!

A recent study showed that the vast majority of artists have less than 50 monthly listeners. It also showed that over 66% of artists have released less than 10 tracks on the platform.


'Good' is relative in the Spotify game. It's less about hitting a universal target and more about improving month over month, one listener at a time.


How Much Does 1 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify Pay?


How Much Does 1 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify Pay?


1 million monthly streams would payout approximately $2,380.

That's according to this great royalty calculator.

There are a few variables that you need to account for when using the calculator. It's pretty fun to play with. 

If you have 100 million streams on Spotify, that's money! The Weeknd is actually holding the number one spot for the most monthly listeners. Wikipedia has him at 113 million monthly listeners. That means he's making $250k plus per month, just from Shopify! Must be nice.


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What Does '1,000' Mean?

Hitting 1,000 streams on Spotify is like a musician's first gig where the crowd actually shows up. It's that initial nod from the universe saying, "Keep going, you're onto something."

This milestone isn't just a number; it's the first tangible proof that your music resonates, that somewhere out there, people are listening, connecting, and maybe even hitting repeat.

For artists, this four-figure mark is more than just validation. It's where the rubber meets the road in terms of earning royalties.

Think of 1,000 streams as your entry pass into the world of making money on Spotify. Falling short means your tracks are like silent echoes in a vast digital canyon — heard, perhaps appreciated, but not quite contributing to your bank account.

Breaking it down, those 1,000 streams need to roll in over a 12-month period, averaging out to just over 80 streams a month.

That's about the number of friends you could cram into a cozy coffee shop gig, each one sipping a latte and nodding along to your tunes.

Surpassing this threshold means you're not just playing background music; you're starting to see your art as a viable source of income, even if it's just enough for a fresh set of strings or a round of drinks for your bandmates.

It's a start, and in music, every start has the potential to turn into a headlining show.


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Who Has More Spotify Listeners?

Who Has More Spotify Listeners?

The quest for Spotify supremacy takes a literal twist with, an actual online game that turns the battle of monthly listeners into interactive fun.

Players face off with stats, guessing whether one artist has more or fewer Spotify listeners than another. It's a unique way to discover new artists and gauge their popularity on Spotify.

Beyond the fun, the game serves as an eye-opener to the fluctuating fortunes of artists on Spotify.


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Achieving 100,000 Spotify Plays

Crossing the 100,000 plays milestone on Spotify is like hitting a home run in the digital music world. It's a sign that your music isn't just background noise; it's resonating, echoing through headphones and speakers around the globe.

This achievement doesn't just boost your visibility on the platform; it also opens doors to new opportunities, including playlist features, label interest, and even festival slots.

Fan engagement is the key! It's about turning listeners into a community, encouraging them to share your tracks, save them to their playlists, and spin them on repeat.

Hosting listening parties or Q&A sessions can transform passive listeners into active promoters of your music.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your artist profile and tracks plays a crucial role too.

By optimizing your Spotify presence with relevant keywords—think genres, moods, and artist influences—you make it easier for new fans to discover your music through search.

Social media is as important for Spotify artists as it is for any business.

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok aren't just for memes and selfies; they're powerful tools to amplify your Spotify streams.

Share behind-the-scenes content, snippets of upcoming tracks, or stories about what inspires your music. Collaborations with other artists or influencers can also cast a wider net, catching more potential listeners in its wake.

Reaching 100,000 plays on Spotify is a testament to an artist's hard work, talent, and strategic savvy.

It's a milestone that marks your arrival on the music scene, offering not just bragging rights but tangible benefits that can elevate your career to the next stage.


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How to Get More Listeners on Spotify?

How to Get More Listeners on Spotify?

Now that you understand how Spotify's payout structure works, let's explore some tips to help you maximize your earnings on the platform:

1. Promote your music

Building a strong fan base is crucial for increasing your streams and revenue on Spotify.

Utilize social media platforms, collaborate with other artists, and engage with your audience to promote your music effectively.

2. Release new music regularly

Consistency is key on Spotify.

Releasing new music regularly keeps your audience engaged and increases your chances of getting featured on playlists, which can significantly boost your streams and earnings.

3. Collaborate with popular artists

Collaborating with established artists can expose your music to a wider audience and potentially increase your streams.

Look for opportunities to collaborate with artists whose style aligns with yours.

4. Optimize your metadata

Metadata plays a crucial role in helping users discover your music on Spotify.

Make sure to optimize your song titles, descriptions, and tags to improve your visibility and increase the chances of getting recommended to new listeners.

5. Encourage playlist placements

Getting your music featured on popular playlists can significantly boost your streams and revenue.

Reach out to playlist curators, submit your music to relevant playlists, and engage with playlist communities to increase your chances of getting playlist placements.

By understanding Spotify's payout structure and implementing these tips, you can increase your chances of earning a decent income from your music on the platform.

Remember, building a successful music career takes time and effort, so stay consistent, keep creating great music, and engage with your audience to maximize your earnings on Spotify.


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Conclusion to How Many Monthly Listeners on Spotify is Good?

In the grand scheme of Spotify's digital symphony, monthly listeners play a crucial role in composing an artist's success story. They're not just numbers; they're a live audience, ever-changing, reflecting the current vibe and reach of your music.

For artists looking to carve out their space in the vast world of streaming, understanding and growing this metric is key. It's about more than just exposure; it's about establishing a connection, a direct line to listeners' hearts and playlists.

Achieving high monthly listener counts is a sign that you're doing something right, whether it's crafting catchy melodies, engaging with fans, or mastering the art of online promotion.

It's a metric that speaks volumes about an artist's relevance and resonance in today's fast-paced music industry.

For those dreaming of turning their passion into a profession, paying close attention to monthly listeners on Spotify is not just advisable; it's essential.

This is where the journey from underground beats to chart-topping hits begins, one listener at a time.

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