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Best 3 Free Vocal Presets Logic Pro

Best 3 Free Vocal Presets Logic Pro

Do you use Logic Pro to produce music? If so, you'll want to check out these free vocal presets! They're perfect for adding some extra polish to your tracks. And best of all, they're easy to use. Simply download the presets and import them into Logic Pro. Then, start tweaking the settings to get the perfect sound for your song.


The most important part of any song is the vocals. This drake vocal chain preset for logic pro makes this part of mixing an absolute joy. I have taken the very best settings which I use in my everyday mixes and crafted them into this chain. It works great on all styles of rappers and, best of all, they will want that sound every time! 


This preset will show you how to process your vocals and the order in which to arrange your plugins. Only the essentials will be stacked on the vocal chain such as EQ, Compression, Delay, and Reverb.


Deep, Dark, Twisted... Stargaze is our most aberrant vocal preset yet. Hard smashing limiters combine with soul crushing saturators to turn your vocals into that bold authority you need to command your audiences attention. Empower humanized super-rigid Autotune settings, drowning delays and endless reverbs to bless your audience with your angelic Stargaze voice. If you're searching for an authoritative and deviant vocal preset, look no further than Stargaze.

If you're looking for some extra polish for your Logic Pro tracks, be sure to check out the free vocal presets we've shared. They're easy to use and will give your music that extra bit of shine it needs. Have you tried using them in your own songs? Let us know how they worked out for you in the comments.


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konrad - Jun 20, 2022


konrad - Jun 20, 2022


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