7 Reasons You Should Start Blogging to Make Money

7 Reasons You Should Start Blogging to Make Money


As more and more people make money blogging, more and more musicians are asking me:

"how can I make money blogging?"


Here is a list of 6 reasons musicians should start blogging to make money.



1. You can make money blogging right away if you start a blog dedicated to music promotion. 


There is no initial investment, you don't need startup capital, and no matter what kind of music industry experience (or lack thereof) you have, you can get started today. 


When rappers ask me how to make money blogging, this is my answer: starting a music promotion blog that is dedicated to rappers.




2. The number of artists making music is staggering, meaning there are millions (and millions) of rappers out there on the internet who need your help. 


And not only rappers - DJs, musicians, producers, and aspiring rappers are all potential readers. 


You can offer them free music promotion, or just give them information that could help their career grow.




3. Nobody really talks about this, but rappers tend to make great bloggers because rappers read all day long (in other words rappers spend a lot of time blogging "in their heads"). 


When rappers start blogging, they tend to be very passionate and extremely dedicated, because rappers tend to be passionate and dedicated people.


If you want to make money blogging as a blogger, then rappers are definitely the group of people you should target first: rappers love reading other rappers' music reviews and I'm sure they'd pay for your insider tips and tricks on how to succeed in music promotion.




4. Promoting rappers' music through your blog will quickly become a business for rappers, so there is a big potential in the long term. 


For rappers blogging directly to other rappers, they can make a lot of money in the future from this kind of direct advertising. 


Of course, many bloggers earn their income from advertisements but blogs tend to be more personal and have more credibility than online advertisements (even though this is an arguable point). 


For rappers, if you make music reviews and other rappers like them, they will probably come back to read your blog again.




5. The greatest thing for rappers about blogging is that rappers can make money blogging right away, with no need for startup capital or special knowledge of running a web business. 


You can make money blogging from home, at any age, and with no technical skills needed. 


At the same time, rappers need to consider what rappers know about music so rappers don't have to work too hard on finding out what people want to read about.




6. You probably already noticed that there are millions of articles on the internet, on everything from "how rappers make money on the internet" to "how rappers can succeed in music promotion". 


At the same time rappers stand out from the crowd because of rappers' passion and dedication. 


You can see this in rappers' creativity - rappers are rarely boring, they always have a new vision on things, a fresh point of view, rappers are naturally original.




7. When rappers make money blogging, they can reach the exact market rappers want to target. 


If rappers choose a specific label or rappers' genre of music, they'll reach only rappers who rap about the same things - either way, you'll connect with rappers faster




If you are a blogger, then I'm sure that most of the time you don't make money blogging right away - like anything else in life, it takes hard work and dedication. 


You've probably heard people say "if you build it, they will come", well, this is kind of true for blogging too. 


However, blogging is not like building a house, it's like publishing content online.


Start your music blog today and start making money blogging!





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