Secret Success Tips From Multi-Platinum Producer Timbaland

Secret Success Tips From Multi-Platinum Producer Timbaland

Some secret success tips from dedicated legendary hit producer Timbaland! ⁣

1. Crawl Before You Walk 👶⁣
Whether you like it or not, Timbaland insists that in this industry you HAVE to go through the levels that any great producer or artist ever went through. Now before you compare to the likes of viral sensations, those are rare. Focus on levelling up through the pain and grow each and every day.⁣

2. Reinvent Yourself Always 🏁⁣
Don't lie, at some point in your life you've said "The old days of music were better than now" - Timbaland explains that this mindset will hold you back from keeping up with the every changing industry. If you don't like it? Guess what? It'll pull you back forever. Always be growing and open to change. ⁣

3. Change Your Energy ☮️✌️⁣
Timbo explains in an interview that he's at a point in life where his energy is in line with what he wants from life. A positive mental state not only makes you more likeable, but with recent science, we've found that exuding positivity and having a positive outlook on your future self can create mirror neurons in your brain that wire themselves as though your future event has already happened, thus helping you become more conscious and thoughtful with your work/processes (visualisation). ⁣

4. Freestyle 🤣😵🤤😲🤥⁣
As we grow older, we tend to quieten the inner child in us that just wants to dance and freestyle, and do random things. Timbaland promotes the idea of freestyling no matter what comes to your mind. It's YOUR creative process and is unique to YOU. Avora artist @ozersf has been seen in his I.G stories to mimic sounds over songs that then become actual lyrics. Let your process flow! ⁣

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