I Quit Music!

From the age 13 to 20 all i did was make music. There was times I was lost and not only THOUGHT about quitting music but actually DID quit. Why?
because I was impatient, had NO skills other than music and lack of money led me to getting a 'regular' job.
So for the first time I went and got a job in a retail store, then did network marketing, then a betting shop, became an estate agent and worked in my brothers electronic company.
All of these roles taught me something valuable including SALES, MARKETiNG, NETWORKING, CUSTOMER SERVICE, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & INVESTING. These skills are called 'VALUABLE SKILLS'.
After spending 6 years making no music, I decided to start making it again and a few months later
- Began earning thousands per month selling beats & custom vocals.
- and a strong customer base in 23 countries.
The MORAL of the story is this:
1. The more you learn, the more you earn. If you aren't earning what you want, theres things you still have yet to learn.
2. Never quit. Its ok to take a break, vacation or hiatus - but just NEVER quit.