DISTROKID GOODIES: Music Marketing Strategies 2021 + Distrokid Playlist Spotlight

DISTROKID GOODIES: Music Marketing Strategies + Distrokid Playlist Spotlight

Last night I was scrolling through DistroKid, I realized that there is some cool new features that I didn't now existed till now

I want to go through some of them today and show you how you could be promoting your music and getting your music out there because it’s really tough getting your music out there in general so every little helps.

I wanna talk to you about the updated goodies section.


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The new Playlist spotlight feature is a place where you can get your music playlisted on DistroKid's Official Spotify Playlist.

Simply submit your track, then the general public will listen to your song and vote between you and another's tracks.

Which ever track gets the most votes, will be added to the distro kid playlist on Spotify.

it’s an incredible new feature that i can see many new artists gaining exposure from.

Remember: getting playlisted can help increase your streaming numbers, revenue and increase your brand awareness (fanbase).




The second brand-new feature that I love is the mini video section

DistroKid's mini video section allows you to create free video clips to post on your social media as promotion:

1. Pick a song,

2. go to generate mini video

3. Allow a few minutes to process 


The music business is no longer a talent contest, its more of a popularity contest

When you see it as a talent contest, your experience a mindset shift.

Question: what were some of the things that made kids popular in school?

They likely had cool things, they had charisma and personality, they looked good, had confidence.

These are the same things you need to use for your music in order to win in this popularity contest we call 'The Music Industry'.



The third feature is called social phone. This is a superb feature which gives everyone the ability to grow a fan base with text messages.

You can send and receive a text to your phone from other people

notifying your audience/fan base to let them know you know just dropped a new single on Spotify, maybe have them come hang out with you on YouTube Live or purchase your new release from iTunes. The sky's the limit


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