How To Sell Your Mix & Master Service - Youtube Secret

How To Sell Your Mix & Master Service - Youtube Secret

Youtube is viewed by millions daily. If you have a mix and mastering service which is failing at the moment due to lack of orders, here is how attract 5- 10 customers weekly on auto-pilot:

1. Upload Vocal Mixing Tutorials To YouTube
youtube is viewed by millions daily and tens of thousands within the music making section of youtube. So by uploading a video of the latest session you've mixed or how to make vocals clearer, you'll be exposing your self to tons of potential customers daily.
Heres an example of a vocal mixing tutorial video below
2. Include Your CTA
A CTA is your 'call to action'. This is what you want the viewer to do after watching the tutorial video. Do you want them to click a link to your website for more info? Do you want them to send you an email? or maybe you want them to call you to discuss their mixing needs?

Whatever your call to action is, be clear and precise. I prefer to have them email me their ideas and maybe a song reference. Make sure you leave your call to action in the description box on youtube. 

Here is a video how to use the correct CTA's on your video
3. Set up a PayPal account 
This step kind of goes without saying however I've seen loads of people lack in this section. I personally like to use PayPal as its easy and customers trust it as they know they can get their money back.
So if the mix and mastered version of their song they receive isn't up to par they protected and can get their money back (which means you better have a quality service to begin with.) Once you've set up your PayPal you can start getting paid immediately.
4. Produce Quality Consistently
If all the above is completed, within a few short months, you should start to see video views going up and along with that enquiries too. so this is the part where you must deliver! Deliver quality work otherwise you'll be issuing a load of refunds and harnessing a bad reputation online. If your not sure wether your mixes are ready to be 'monetised', you should take on 2 or 3 jobs and complete them for free. If your clients are happy with them, you can use this as feedback to start charging a fee.

I'd suggest starting at $50 and increase by $25 when you gain an extra 10 clients per week consistently. Keep raising your fee until that number drops as that would be an indication of you being over priced.
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