how to grow streams on spotify

How To Grow Streams on Spotify Without Cheating

This is how you grow streams on Spotify without cheating / paying for streams.

Paying for streams hinders your account rather than help

Don't do it to yourself.

Grow your Spotify the proper way to experience proper recognition for your music

After interviewing with kevin smith from Kentucky USA.

He shared with me his story of growing from 20 monthly listeners to 20,000 by simply following this strategy which skyrocketed his streams on spotify

1. Analyse your streams using spotify for artists

Keep track of this data as much as possible and try to note trends. This feature is completely free and allows you not only to know who’s listening to your music, but also to get an overview of which songs are most popular with your listeners.


2. Make a playlist - Add your music and other music similar

Another trick is also to collaborate with other musicians on a playlist.

When you do this, you expose your playlist (and your songs) to a larger audience, which means more fans and more streams.

You can also create playlists based on your mood or specific themes and include songs from bands and musicians that inspire you (and add a few of your own songs to them too).

Don’t overdo it by inserting too many personal songs, because the challenge here is to stay authentic and share your musical universe with your fans and potential future listeners. 


3. Promote your spotify link everyday on social media

Promoting these special playlists and new tracks on your various social networks is a great way to stay dynamic, engage your community and drive traffic to your Spotify profile.

It’s also essential because Spotify’s algorithms monitor your activity. So it’s imperative to engage your community to subscribe to your Spotify profile.

The best way to attract new listeners is to feed your profile with exclusive content (including remixes, covers, featurings, live versions and more). 

Any activity is good to relay on your streaming platforms because active users with high-performance streams are more likely to have their music placed in prominent playlists.

Also, the more streams and listeners you have, the more you appear in searches and custom playlists.


4. Run Spotify Ads

Easily create and manage Spotify audio advertising campaigns. 

You can create audio ads of 30 seconds or less. Spotify users hear them during commercial breaks between songs.

Each ad also contains a clickable image linked to the URL of your choice.


5. Get Your Music on Other Spotify Playlists

Our directory of Spotify Playlist Curators is the essential tool for getting featured on Spotify playlists.

We all know by now that the key to getting streams on Spotify is by leveraging the many playlists that feature up-and-coming and indie artists.

Our new Spotify Playlist Curators List will help you connect with hundreds of Spotify Playlist and the people who curate those playlists.

An up to date, and growing list of over 500 playlists.


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