How Independent Spotify Playlist Curators Work?

How Independent Spotify Playlist Curators Work?

What is an independent Spotify playlist curator?

Spotify is the world's largest music streaming platform. With over 60 million strong. They bring in a huge audience that can't be ignored, which begs the question: how do independent artists get their songs on playlists curated by independent curators?

Let's answer that question with another one - what are independent Spotify playlist curators anyway?

An independent Spotify playlist curator is a person who creates playlists with independent music. They are not affiliated with any record label, radio station, or streaming service platforms.

Why are independent Spotify playlist curators so important?

Spotify has well over twenty million playlists made by independent curators, which is a lot considering the number of independent artists out there trying to get their music heard. As discussed in this article, Spotify is the number one place that independent artists should approach when it comes to finding new listeners.

One of the many independent playlist curators that can help independent artists is W2Mnet . They have an impressive nineteen thousand followers on Spotify, and actively follow each song they add to their playlists with independent music.

What kind of engagement do independent Spotify playlist curators get?

It's simple, really - anything independent playlist curators do is effective. They bring independent music to independent listeners, and independent listeners spread the word about independent musicians.

What should independent Spotify playlist curators be listening to?

There's a lot of independent music out there, and just because it isn't getting played on mainstream stations doesn't mean it isn't worth hearing - especially by independent Spotify playlist curators. Independent music is the most important genre of music out there, and independent artists are always at risk of being lost in the sea of independent labels.

How can independent Spotify playlist curators help independent artists?

As mentioned previously, independent playlist curators bring independent artists to independent listeners - that's exactly what independent artists need to get their music out there.

Do independent Spotify playlist curators have any responsibilities?

Of course, independent playlist curators have responsibilities - they are the gatekeepers of independent music, after all! If independent artists don't see an independent listener letting other independent listeners know about their music, how will it ever spread? Independent Spotify playlist curators are committed to independent music for independent listeners, so it is only right that they share independent music.

What tools do independent Spotify playlist curators use?

There are plenty of tools to help independent Spotify playlist curators spread independent music across independent listeners around the globe. One can be found here: It's the first app dedicated to independent music discovery and sharing - it allows independent artists to upload their songs directly for free where independent playlist curators can find, listen to and share them with other independent listeners. After all, how could an independent artist expect an independent listener to find out about their work if they don't know where it exists? That's why MusicallyUp exists - it is a bridge between independent artists and independent listeners, removing the barrier that exists between independent music and independent listeners.

How much do Independent Spotify playlist curators cost?

Some independent spotify playlist curators charge anywhere between 25$ - $150. Depending on the size and popularity of their playlist.

Curators essentially get your music heard.

What limits independent Spotify playlists curators?

Independent Spotify playlist curators work free of charge, but one limitation they face is the amount of independent music available. That's why independent musicians should always be uploading their songs to popular like Soundcloud or YouTube where independent

How Do I Contact A Independent Spotify Playlist Curator?

If independent artists are looking to find independent listeners then independent Spotify playlist curators are the independent listener's independent musicians should be contacting. Here's an independent playlist curator contact email address:

10 Independent Spotify Playlist Curators Accepting Submissions

1. Rizing Playlists

Contact link:


2. Daily Playlists

Contact link:


3. Work Hard Playlist Hard

Contact link:


4. Simon Field

Contact link:


5. Soundplate

Contact link:


6. Indiemono

Contact link:


7. Spingrey

Contact link:


8. MySphera

Contact link:


9. Deep Root Records

Contact link:


10. Soave Records

Contact link:

So Independent music curators are a great way to find new and interesting artists. They can help you discover diverse content from various genres, including indie rock, folk, jazz, hip hop or even comedy! These playlists often contain songs that aren't featured on mainstream streaming services like Spotify Playlist Radio.

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