5 Simple Yet Highly Effective YouTube Tips

5 Simple Yet Highly Effective YouTube Tips

YouTube is a beast.

Learn it and you can rule the world. Literally.

But its not as easy as some think. It can be tricky so here are 5 simple yet highly effective YouTube tips you can apply today to increase your subscribers, grow your engagement and views.

1. First 5-10 Seconds ⏰⁣

YouTube gives a better rank value to videos with higher audience retention rates - Essentially, "how long your videos are watched for". If videos are engaging to begin with, people are more likely to stick around and watch! ⁣

2. Brand Presence 📢
Branding is incredibly important to crafting your message as an artist. People like familiarity and to relate something to what they know well. Keep your branding across all socials consistent. ⁣

3. Engagement Cues 
Are you encouraging your viewers to take an action in your videos through speech or editing? Be sure to add CTA's (Call to actions) to encourage your fans to perform an action like subscribe, share or comment! ⁣

4. Create. Consistently. 🕑⁣
Without consistency, none of your socials will grow. To put this into context, Avora has posted daily since December 2018. We didn't grow overnight, it was a daily discipline repeated over and over. ⁣

5. Loop In Fans! 🥰⁣
Fans are an artists' backbone. From time to time, shoutout random fans to engage better, then share the video with them to make them feel special as a thank you (from you). This will encourage them to share the video/content!⁣

Do you actively post on YouTube? Let us know below.

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