10 EASY Ways to Increase Engagement With Your Music Fans

10 EASY Ways to Increase Engagement With Your Music Fans

Engaging with listeners is key for beefing up both your views/streams on your tracks and also recognition for your work. But don't worry -- this doesn't have to be a daunting task. We've put together 10 simple and easy tips that you can use right now to up your game in terms of engagement. So let's get ready take fan interaction supernova!

1. Figure Out Your Vibe

Figure out your vibe and stick to it! "Know Your Brand" is essential if you wanna make waves in the music scene. You gotta know who you are, what kind of impression ya want ta leave on folks, that way all yer actions with showin' love'll be focused n pointed towards them peeps who dig yr thang most. In other words: get familiarized wit yo'self first- then go find some fans.

2. Increase Your Live Shows

It goes without saying that shows remain the bread and butter for artists, especially when it comes to gainin' new fans. Think of all those times you've found yourself groovin', nodding your head with a newfound appreciation for an artist because their performance was pure FIRE!

Sure, playing to small-ish or even just repeat crowds can feel deflating but one thing's 4 sure; what sets musicians apart is how much energy they bring no matter who’s in attendance - so don't skimp on yours either way!

3. Put Your Fans on A Pedastol

Your OG fans are your v.i.p pass to new support - kinda like getting a warm lead from sales biz, which means you're connected through mutual friends that can make the main connection for ya! The more love y'all give them, the louder they'll shout about it; so pump up their enthusiasm & use 'em as ya biggest hype-team advocates out there ;)

4. Pump New Content Out Daily

Being a music artist these days isn't just about recording tunes in studio all day. It's also bout buildin' your presence online and choosing how to reach out to ya fans. Post images, upload videos, post stories on snapchat and instagram, go live etc.

Make yo own choice! Wether you choose to build an email list and promote your content via email or TikTok if you dig short-form vids – you name it, spread that message far n wide any way yah can!

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5. Give Back Locally

Get that hometown love! Whether you're rockin' the local venues, doing an acoustic set at your fave coffee spot or just showing up to put some of those famous choc chip cookies on display - make sure ya show 'em what yer made of. Have fun and get creative by customizing bags with a QR code for streaming- why not? That's how all them big homie heroes got their start, so turn it up!

6. Link Up With Other Artists & Brands

Don't stay shy when it comes to representing what you love - get involved and let your voice be heard! Partner up with charities or organizations that really align with your values, then rock out by using your talents: host some musical sets as a free show, give instrument lessons away as part of prizes... the possibilities are endless. Do something good while doing what you're passionate about – sounds pretty sweet right?

7. Build Your Own Spotify Playlists

We all want those Spotify numbers to skyrocket, and one of the best ways to do it is by taking control into your own hands. Take some time outta your day to curate a booming playlist full of complementary music that'll really make you stand out -- why not throw in some local/indie musicians too? And don't forget about creating fire cover art plus a catchy title so y'all can get folks hyped on your new project – then hit 'em with ads for good measure ;)

8. Use Similar Covers as Other Music Artists

Hook onto the fan bandwagon of artists similar to you by creating dope covers. Get creative and repurpose it for YouTube, TikTok – however ya need! Make thngs interactive - ask fans what they want covered then tag 'em when u do: feels good both ways 💯

9. Connect and Link Up with Influencers

Ugh, you know what's a super popular trend right now? Influencer marketing! It can boost your profile in no time flat. Don't stress if ya don't have the juice to snag an influencer with 100k followers yet; there are tons of micro-influencers lookin' for new talent (think 10-20k followings or less). Song placements in Reels and teaming up with make artists are great options - plus they're fun too! So go get creative y'all.

10. Speak About Your Music EVERYDAY!

Guess what? if you dont love your music, no one else will. Let's face it, fam: you've got fire music and they need to hear it. Sure, talking about yourself can be a little cringey sometimes - but if done right people will start listening up real quick! So don't shy away from passing along your tunes or shouting out what kind of sound you create - because before long the word'll spread and more ears will be on ya than ever!

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