The Fastest Way To Write Songs (This Works Every Time)

The Fastest Way To Write Songs (This Works Every Time)

I only wanted a medium pizza 

I only ordered and paid for a medium pizza.

And somehow they sent me a large one.

As I put the last bite into my mouth... I suddenly realised that my greed had taken over and I'd forced down every last bit of this gigantic pizza anyway.

Funny right?

Our appetite stretches to munch everything on the plate, even though it's more than we thought we wanted?

Actually, that means our appetite is a bit like that old saying...

Give yourself loads of time to do something, and it'll take ages. You'll fill the time you've got.

And if you give yourself a short amount of time or a tight deadline, you'll get it done quicker.

We find that with writing songs.

If you expect it to take ages... it'll take ages.

If you force yourself to get it done quickly (like an angry boss breathing down your neck) you'll get it done quickly.

Use that as a little 'hack' to write songs faster.


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