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A Soundtoys Review: From Bundles to Iconic Plugins

Intro to Soundtoys

Soundtoys stands as a beacon in the realm of audio effects software, known for its exceptional quality and innovative design. This company has carved a niche for itself among music producers and sound designers, offering an array of plugins that breathe life into any production.

In this detailed review, we'll take a closer look at what makes Soundtoys a favorite in the industry. From the comprehensive bundles to iconic plugins like the Decapitator and SuperPlate, we'll explore how these tools can unlock creative potential and elevate your sound.

Delving into the Soundtoys ecosystem, we uncover not just a suite of tools but a philosophy that merges analog warmth with digital innovation. Whether you're twisting tracks with unique modulation effects, adding depth with lush reverbs, or saturating your sound with rich, analog-emulated distortion, Soundtoys plugins offer a palette for creativity.

By integrating these tools into your digital audio workstation (DAW), you open up a world of possibilities for sound design and music production. Join us as we explore the features, applications, and user insights that highlight why Soundtoys is a must-have in any producer's toolkit.

The Soundtoys Ecosystem

Soundtoys has established itself as a powerhouse in the audio effects software world, known for its dedication to quality and innovation.

Since its inception, the brand has focused on bringing the richness of analog sound to the digital domain, offering a suite of plugins that stand out for their character and versatility.

Let's dive into the Soundtoys ecosystem, exploring its origins, contributions, and the guiding philosophy that makes its plugins essential for producers and sound designers alike.

The Soundtoys journey began with a team of passionate audio engineers and developers committed to capturing the essence of classic analog gear in the convenience of digital plugins. This vision led to the creation of tools that not only replicate the sound of vintage equipment but also push the boundaries of what's possible in sound design.

The Soundtoys philosophy centers on three pillars: analog emulation, creative effects, and innovative sound design. By meticulously modeling the nuances of historic hardware units, Soundtoys plugins offer warmth and depth rarely found in digital formats.

Their creative effects, from rich modulations to complex rhythmic patterns, inspire artists to explore new sonic landscapes. Meanwhile, Soundtoys' commitment to innovation ensures that each plugin offers unique capabilities, encouraging experimentation and the discovery of new sounds.

Through this blend of tradition and innovation, Soundtoys has made an indelible mark on music production, empowering creators to realize their visions with unparalleled sonic quality.


Exploring Soundtoys Plugins

Soundtoys offers an impressive range of plugins that cater to virtually every aspect of sound design and music production. Renowned for their depth, versatility, and character, these plugins span categories such as modulation, delay, distortion, and reverb, each meticulously crafted to inspire creativity and elevate audio production.

Modulation: Soundtoys' modulation plugins, like the Phaser, Flanger, and Tremolator, offer rich, organic textures. These tools can breathe life into static tracks, adding movement and depth that mimic the warmth and imperfections of classic analog gear.

Delay: EchoBoy and PrimalTap stand out in the delay category, providing everything from crisp digital echoes to warm, saturated tape delays. These plugins allow producers to craft rhythmic patterns, expansive soundscapes, and everything in between.

Distortion: The Decapitator and Radiator plugins are favorites among producers for adding harmonic distortion and warmth. They're capable of everything from subtle saturation to aggressive overdrive, emulating the character of vintage analog equipment.

Reverb: Little Plate and SuperPlate offer lush, expansive reverb sounds that can fill a mix with space and dimension. These plugins draw inspiration from classic hardware units, providing a range of ambient textures from intimate rooms to vast halls.

Integrating seamlessly with major digital audio workstations (DAWs), Soundtoys plugins are designed to enhance production workflows, regardless of genre or project size.

Whether you're using Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, or any other DAW, adding Soundtoys plugins to your setup is straightforward. Once installed, these plugins can be inserted into individual tracks or buses, offering intuitive interfaces that encourage experimentation.

The role of Soundtoys plugins in enhancing production workflows cannot be overstated. They not only add musical character and texture but also streamline creative processes.

For instance, the Effect Rack combines multiple Soundtoys effects into a single interface, allowing for complex effect chains that can be easily saved and recalled. This encourages consistency across projects and speeds up mixing and sound design tasks.

By providing a comprehensive suite of plugins that integrate smoothly with DAWs, Soundtoys enables producers and sound designers to push creative boundaries and achieve professional-quality sound with ease.

Whether layering lush reverbs, crafting dynamic delays, or adding analog warmth, Soundtoys plugins are indispensable tools in modern music production.


The Comprehensive Soundtoys Bundle

The Soundtoys bundle, often referred to as the Soundtoys 5 Bundle, is a comprehensive collection that represents the pinnacle of the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and musicality.

This all-encompassing package includes over 20 plugins, covering a wide spectrum of effects from delay, reverb, and distortion to modulation, filtering, and pitch manipulation.

This suite is designed to cater to every aspect of music production and sound design, offering tools that can transform any track into a sonic masterpiece.

Value Proposition

The value of the Soundtoys bundle lies not just in the quantity of the plugins it offers but in their quality and versatility. Each plugin in the bundle is the result of Soundtoys' meticulous modeling of classic analog gear, combined with innovative features that extend beyond traditional hardware limitations.

Purchasing the bundle offers significant savings compared to acquiring each plugin separately, making it an attractive investment for both budding producers and seasoned professionals.

Moreover, the bundle comes with the Soundtoys Effect Rack, a powerful tool that allows users to combine multiple Soundtoys effects into custom effect chains, further enhancing its value.

Unlocking Versatility and Creativity

Having the full suite of Soundtoys plugins at one's disposal opens up endless possibilities for creativity and sonic exploration. The bundle's versatility is unmatched, enabling users to achieve everything from subtle enhancement to radical transformations of sounds across any genre.

Modulation Magic: With plugins like PhaseMistress and Chorus, users can add movement and texture to their tracks, creating anything from subtle vibrato to wild, sweeping modulations.

Delay and Echo: The EchoBoy and PrimalTap plugins offer an extensive palette of delay textures, from vintage tape echoes to modern digital repeats, allowing for intricate rhythmic patterns and ambient spaces.

Rich Reverbs: The Little Plate and SuperPlate plugins provide lush reverb sounds that can add depth and atmosphere to any mix, from intimate vocal tracks to expansive cinematic scores.

Analog Warmth and Saturation: Tools like Decapitator and Radiator excel at adding warmth and body to digital recordings, emulating the nonlinearities and harmonics of classic analog gear.

Creative Effects: The bundle includes unique effects like Crystallizer and Little AlterBoy, which allow for pitch shifting, granular delay, and otherworldly transformations, pushing the boundaries of conventional sound design.

The Soundtoys bundle is more than a collection of effects; it's a gateway to new levels of creativity and expression.

Whether you're mixing a record, designing sound for film, or crafting your own unique sonic signature, the Soundtoys 5 Bundle equips you with professional-grade tools that inspire and facilitate musical exploration.

The versatility and creative potential unlocked by having the full suite make it an indispensable asset for any music producer or sound designer looking to elevate their work.


In-Depth Look at Soundtoys Decapitator

The Soundtoys Decapitator is more than just an audio effects plugin; it's a testament to Soundtoys' commitment to analog emulation and innovation. Renowned for its ability to add warmth, depth, and character to digital tracks, the Decapitator has become a staple in the toolkits of music producers and sound designers across various genres.

This plugin excels in simulating the saturation and harmonic distortion of classic analog gear, offering a range of sounds from subtle tube warmth to aggressive tape saturation.

Features of the Decapitator

Analog Emulation: The Decapitator models the saturation characteristics of five different analog devices, each with its unique flavor of distortion and harmonics. These include emulations of classic tube circuits, solid-state devices, and even the preamp section of a vintage mixing console.

Tone Shaping: Beyond saturation, the Decapitator features a 'Tone' control that allows users to shape the brightness or darkness of the saturated signal. This, combined with the 'Mix' knob for blending the processed and dry signals, offers immense flexibility in tailoring the sound.

Punish Button: For those moments when you need extreme saturation, the Decapitator's 'Punish' button boosts the input gain and effect intensity, delivering a heavier, more aggressive distortion.

Use Cases and Examples

Vocals: On vocals, the Decapitator can add warmth and presence, making them stand out in the mix. A light touch of tube emulation can enrich a lead vocal, while more aggressive settings can lend a gritty, edge to background vocals or ad-libs in genres like rock or hip-hop.

Drums: Drum tracks can benefit significantly from Decapitator's saturation. Applying it to snare drums or a full drum bus can add punch and weight, enhancing the perceived loudness and energy of the drum mix, especially useful in rock, pop, and electronic music.

Bass: Whether it's a bass guitar or a synthesized bass line, the Decapitator can add body and harmonic complexity, making the bass sound fuller and more defined in the mix. This is particularly effective in genres where the bass plays a leading role, such as funk, soul, or electronic dance music.

Master Bus: Used subtly on the master bus, the Decapitator can glue a mix together, imparting a cohesive sonic character that emulates the effect of running tracks through a high-end analog console.

Sound Design: Beyond traditional music production, the Decapitator is a powerful tool for sound designers. It can transform clean, digital sounds into gritty, aged, or aggressive tones, ideal for creating sound effects, atmospheric layers, or adding tension and weight to cinematic scores.

The Decapitator's versatility and ease of use have cemented its status as a favorite among producers looking to infuse their digital recordings with the elusive warmth and complexity of analog hardware.

By offering a range of saturation tones and intuitive controls, the Decapitator opens up a world of sonic possibilities, from subtle enhancement to bold, creative effects.


Soundtoys SuperPlate: A Reverb Like No Other

The Soundtoys SuperPlate reverb is a distinctive plugin that sets itself apart from traditional reverb effects by offering a rich, complex sound palette that can dramatically enhance any mix.

As part of Soundtoys' acclaimed lineup, SuperPlate draws inspiration from the iconic plate reverb units of the past but extends beyond emulation, incorporating modern features and flexibility that make it a unique tool in digital music production.

Unique Characteristics of SuperPlate

Rich, Versatile Sound: SuperPlate is designed to deliver the dense, smooth reverb tails characteristic of classic plate reverbs, but with a broader range of control over decay, modulation, and tone. This versatility allows users to dial in everything from subtle ambience to expansive, cinematic soundscapes.

Modulation Controls: Unlike many traditional plate reverbs, SuperPlate includes adjustable modulation features, adding movement and depth to the reverb tail. This can imbue the effect with a more organic, lively quality, akin to the natural fluctuations found in room reverbs.

Enhanced Tone Shaping: SuperPlate offers extensive EQ and tone shaping options, allowing users to sculpt the reverb sound precisely. From warm, lush lows to pristine, airy highs, SuperPlate can adapt to fit the tonal needs of any track or mix.

Practical Applications and Tips

Vocal Tracks: SuperPlate can add a sense of space and depth to vocal recordings without overwhelming the original performance. Try using a moderate decay time with a slight boost in the high frequencies to add air and presence to lead vocals.

Drums and Percussion: To give drums a sense of space while maintaining punch and clarity, apply SuperPlate with a short decay time and moderate pre-delay. This can create a tight, live room effect that enhances the natural dynamics of the drum kit.

Synthetic and Electronic Sounds: SuperPlate can transform sterile, digital sounds into lush, organic textures. Experiment with higher modulation settings and longer decay times to create evolving soundscapes that breathe life into synthetic pads, leads, and basses.

Ambient and Cinematic Production: For expansive, atmospheric tracks, SuperPlate excels at creating deep, immersive reverb tails that can fill a mix with texture and movement. Layering multiple instances of SuperPlate with different settings on various tracks can build complex, richly textured soundscapes.

Guitars: Whether it's electric or acoustic, SuperPlate can enhance the natural resonance of guitar recordings. A moderate decay with a touch of modulation can add a beautiful, shimmering quality to clean electric guitars or acoustic strumming.

SuperPlate's unique blend of classic warmth and modern flexibility makes it an invaluable tool for producers and sound designers seeking to elevate their work with distinctive reverb textures.

By leveraging its extensive controls and creative potential, users can craft reverb effects that complement and enhance any musical genre or project, making SuperPlate a reverb like no other.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Soundtoys Plugins

Soundtoys plugins offer a treasure trove of possibilities for creative sound design and music production. With their rich analog emulation and innovative features, they can transform mundane tracks into sonic masterpieces.

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Soundtoys plugins, focusing on creative applications, unconventional signal chains, and customizing presets for unique sounds.

Unconventional Signal Chains

Parallel Processing: Use the Effect Rack to set up parallel processing chains within a single plugin instance. For example, mix a heavily distorted signal using Decapitator with a modulated delay from EchoBoy on a vocal track for a rich, complex texture.

Frequency-Specific Effects: Apply effects to specific frequency ranges by chaining plugins with FilterFreak. For instance, you can add movement to the high end of a synth pad with a high-pass filter in FilterFreak followed by a subtle phaser effect, leaving the lower frequencies untouched.

Serial Saturation: Chain multiple instances of Decapitator with different settings and analog models for complex, layered saturation effects. This technique can add depth and character to basslines or drum busses, creating a sound that's dense and harmonically rich.

Combining Plugins for Unique Effects

Modulated Reverbs: Combine Little Plate or SuperPlate with a modulation plugin like PhaseMistress or Tremolator for a reverb effect that pulses or sweeps in time with your track. This can create a dynamic sense of space that breathes with the music.

Psychedelic Delays: Route a signal through Crystalizer for granular pitch shifting, then feed it into EchoBoy for rhythmic delays. Adjust the feedback and filtering in EchoBoy for cascading, pitch-shifted echoes that add a psychedelic flair to leads or vocals.

Custom Vocal Chains: Use MicroShift for subtle pitch widening, add warmth with Radiator, and then apply a custom EQ curve in Sie-Q to craft a vocal sound that cuts through the mix with clarity and warmth.

Leveraging Presets and Custom Sounds

Start with Presets: Soundtoys plugins come with a wide array of artist-curated and factory presets that serve as excellent starting points. Browse through these presets to find a sound close to what you're looking for.

Tweak and Customize: Once you've selected a preset, don't hesitate to tweak it to fit your track perfectly. Adjust parameters like mix levels, modulation rates, or saturation amounts to tailor the effect to your needs. Remember, the presets are not rules but starting points for exploration.

Save Your Creations: When you've dialed in a unique sound that you love, save it as a custom preset. This not only speeds up your workflow in future projects but also helps you develop a signature sound that sets your work apart.

Soundtoys plugins are designed to inspire creativity and experimentation. By exploring unconventional signal chains, combining plugins for unique effects, and leveraging the power of presets, you can unlock new dimensions of sound and add unparalleled depth and texture to your music.


Comparing Soundtoys to Other Plugin Manufacturers

Soundtoys stands out in the crowded field of audio effects software for its unique blend of analog emulation and innovative sound design. When comparing Soundtoys to other leading plugin manufacturers, several key differences emerge, reflecting the diverse needs and preferences of music producers.

Here's a brief comparison that highlights the strengths and particular niches each brand fills, along with considerations for producers deciding on whether to invest in Soundtoys plugins versus competitors.

Soundtoys vs. Other Brands


Waves: Waves offers an extensive collection of plugins, covering everything from dynamics, EQ, and reverb to noise reduction and vocal processing. Waves plugins are known for their precision and clarity, making them favorites in mixing and mastering contexts.

Soundtoys, with its focus on creative effects and analog warmth, complements Waves by offering tools that inject character and vibe into tracks, making them a great choice for producers looking to add personality and depth.

Native Instruments: Renowned for its synthesisers and sample-based instruments, Native Instruments also offers a range of effects plugins within Komplete.

While Native Instruments excels in creating realistic instrument sounds and innovative synth textures, Soundtoys shines in the effects domain, particularly with plugins that transform and manipulate audio in musically inspiring ways.

FabFilter: FabFilter is celebrated for its high-quality mixing and mastering plugins, featuring intuitive interfaces and transparent sound.

While FabFilter plugins excel in precision processing and surgical EQ adjustments, Soundtoys plugins stand out for their ability to add color and analog character, offering a different approach to shaping sounds.

iZotope: iZotope specializes in plugins for audio restoration, mixing, mastering, and more recently, AI-driven production tools. iZotope's strengths lie in its intelligent processing capabilities and workflow enhancements.

Soundtoys, in contrast, offers a more hands-on approach to effects processing, with a focus on creative exploration and analog emulation.

Considerations for Producers

When deciding whether to invest in Soundtoys plugins versus competitors, consider the following:

Character vs. Clarity: If your goal is to add vintage warmth, saturation, and creative effects to your tracks, Soundtoys' analog-inspired plugins are an excellent choice. For more transparent processing and clinical precision, brands like FabFilter and Waves might better suit your needs.

Workflow and Usability: Soundtoys plugins are designed with intuitive interfaces that encourage experimentation. If workflow and ease of use are priorities, Soundtoys is a compelling option. However, for more technical tasks or AI-assisted processing, iZotope offers innovative solutions.

Musical Genre: Your genre of music can also influence your choice. Soundtoys excels in genres that benefit from analog warmth and sonic character, such as rock, indie, and electronic music. For classical, jazz, or acoustic genres where subtlety and acoustic fidelity are paramount, other brands might offer more suitable tools.

Budget and Value: Soundtoys bundles offer significant value, providing a comprehensive suite of effects at a competitive price point. Consider your budget and the specific needs of your projects when evaluating Soundtoys against other plugin bundles.

Ultimately, the choice between Soundtoys and other plugin manufacturers depends on your creative goals, workflow preferences, and the specific requirements of your music production projects.

Many producers find that combining Soundtoys plugins with tools from other brands offers the best of both worlds, marrying characterful effects with precision processing to achieve professional, musically engaging results. 


Concluding our Soundtoys Review

Soundtoys has firmly established itself as a pivotal force in the music production landscape, renowned for its commitment to bringing analog warmth and creative flair into the digital realm.

Through its suite of plugins, Soundtoys offers producers and sound designers an unparalleled arsenal of tools designed to inject character, depth, and innovation into any project.

From lush reverbs and detailed delays to rich distortions and complex modulations, Soundtoys plugins bridge the gap between the past and present, providing users with the means to explore new sonic territories while paying homage to classic analog sounds.

I encourage all music creators to dive into the world of Soundtoys plugins, where the possibilities for creativity and innovation are boundless. Whether you're looking to add subtle texture to your mixes, design intricate soundscapes, or simply find new inspiration for your music, Soundtoys stands ready to transform your ideas into reality.

By integrating Soundtoys into your production workflow, you unlock a new dimension of sonic potential, empowering you to elevate your music production to new heights. Explore, experiment, and let Soundtoys inspire your next musical masterpiece.

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