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Songlorious: There's A Song in Every Story

Trying to find the perfect gift for a special Occasion can be tough. You want something that is unique and personal, something that captures the story of the receiver. That's where Songlorious comes in! Songlorious artists create original, personalized, custom songs that capture your story. It's the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion! And to top it off, songlorious was featured on SHARK TANK where it got 4 investors: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary & Guest Shark Peter. Here's what you need to know about Songlorious.

Introducing Songlorious: The Best Custom Songwriting Service Around

How It Works?

The process is simple. First, you'll need to provide Songlorious with some basic information about yourself or the person you're creating the song for. What's their name? What's their favorite color? What's their favorite food? This will give them a starting point to begin writing your custom song. You can either choose which artist you want to sing your song or songlorious will choose the ‘random’ feature and have songlorious choose for you.

Next, their team of talented musicians will record a professional quality version of the song that you can download and share with anyone you'd like.

How Music Does it Cost?

The cost of a custom song depends on the length and whether you want full instrumentation (and other add-ons). The average 1-minute track costs $99, while 3 minutes will cost around $260

How Long Does It Take?

Once you’ve choosen the length, genre, mood, occasion and the story you want the lyrics to tell. One of their artists will create an original, studio-quality song from scratch and deliver it in as little as four days

Was Songlorious Featured on Shark Tank?

According to, In the summer of 2020, Ellen Hodges and Omayya Atout started a personalized song company called Songlorious. Fifteen months, 11,000 songs and over $2 million in sales later, the now-married couple won a $500,000 deal on ABC's Shark Tank


Is there someone in your life who is impossible to shop for? Or maybe you have a big anniversary or birthday coming up and you want to do something truly special. Whatever the occasion may be, Songlorious has got you covered! Their team of professional musicians will craft a personalized, custom song tailored specifically to your recipient. It's the perfect way to show them how much you care! So what are you waiting for? Give them a try and get 10% discount today!

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