How to Sell Vocal Presets Online

How to Sell Vocal Presets Online

Vocal presets are the new thing. They aren't going away. So if your a mixing engineer, recording engineer, producer or artist interested in mixing vocal for others? Your sitting on a gold mine. I made $50,000 last year from selling my vocal presets online and heres how I did it


First of all, lets talk about what a vocal preset is? According to 6AM, a vocal preset is a tool where an artist or producer can just load up the preset, turn on their mic, and start recording. The vocal preset contains “pre set” effects to get the artist instantly closer to their goal. Vocal presets first started emerging in rap music


I kind of just stumbled into selling vocal presets for logic pro x packs online. It's weird because I think it was in 2016. My wife had just bought me a brand new MacBook laptop for Christmas, so I was buzzing. I found out I could record my Logic screen. The Apple laptop has a function where you can record what you're recording, the actual screen.

It's called Screen Recording.

I was excited, so I just made a tutorial vid called You Too Can Record Vocals in Logic Pro Like Drake I was just fucking around and I did it, and uploaded it to YouTube. It's about 12 minutes long, and it was just showing how I made myself sound like Drake. Once I did that it just blew up. Within six months it was getting hits, there were comments. I had a YouTube channel from 2009 and I had no comments. I was uploading videos here and there and they were getting no attention.

I'd uploaded this video just out of nowhere, being bored and playing with my new Christmas toy, and then it started to get hits. Within six months people started saying,"Yo, can you send me this vocal preset?" I started sending people it through email. Then two months later, I thought to myself, "I could sell this. I could sell this pack."

When you're first taking the leap into entrepreneurship and stuff, you don't really believe that you have value. You don't really believe that you've got a product that people are willing to pay for. It's just the mentality of humans.
I created the website quickly and I worked it up, but guess how much I sold it for?

I sold it for zero.

I gave it away for free, which in hindsight is fine because giving away free value is just as important as charging, but at the time I gave it away for free and people was downloading it. Then I think two months later I upped the price to 1.99, and it was still selling. I said, "Shit, it's still selling." There was 20, 30 people a day buying it. Then bit by bit, I upped the price to 4.99 and then 10.99, so on, so forth Last year, it done tons of figures. I broke my record from the year before. Last year, my website done about 50,000 just from the vocal presets. At the time no one was selling vocal presets at all. Producers were selling beats.

Mark my words, over the next few years, you're going to see a huge rise in vocal presets. Much more producers are going to start selling Logic Pro vocal preset Pro Tools. At the time, I think it was me, Sean Divine and CrabLord. We were probably the only free online with any presence doing it. Now I see people like WavMonopoly doing it. There are so many people doing it now and I welcome it. It's more awareness for my product.

Just because someone else is selling, it doesn't take away anything from me. There's enough for all of us to eat. Look at the beat selling community.
Thousands and thousands of producers are able to make a full-time income from it, and we will be able to do that from it too. At the time there weren't many doing it, but it just goes to show the market is growing. It really took me a while to really understand that I needed to build my value and that I was valuable and worth actually charging for my product.


1. Open your DAW and create a preset

2. Test it out on more that 10 different vocals to make sure it works and enhances quality of vocals

3. Find vocal preset graphic designer and have them create you the artwork for it. Make sure it stands out and eye-catching. click here to use same designer I use for mine

4. Upload it to your website page OR gumroad page

5. Promote page on YouTube and Social media


In conclusion, vocal presets are a growing trend in the music industry and a great opportunity for mixing engineers, recording engineers, producers, and artists to make money. I emphasize the importance of creating a high-quality vocal preset, promoting it effectively, and building your value as a producer. With the market for vocal presets growing rapidly, now is a great time to start selling your presets and monetizing your skills and expertise. If you got any questions or concerns about selling vocal presets, drop a comment below and i'll get back to you! speak soon

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