Get an Endless Stream of Movie Clips In Logic Pro

Get an Endless Stream of Movie Clips In Logic Pro


Have you ever recorded a song but wanted to insert a specific phrase/exerpt from a movie?

Here's how you do it (Most recording artists and producers have no idea about this site so treat this as top secret)

Go to a site called - It's an endless stream of movie clips of specific phrases.

It's one of the best sites on the web. All you do is type in ANY phrase you want (like google) and it'll spit out a number of films with the exact phrase you searched for.

So no more wasting time mining the Hollywood vaults for words and lines you need, just one search and thats it. 

Since I found this site, I've been using it on everything which probably ain't the smartest idea but fuck it, I'm enjoying it for the time being so who cares lol.

Check out a tutorial below and don't forget to share with a close friend who makes music like you.

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