Songwriting Secrets You Need to Know

Songwriting Secrets You Need to Know

Good songwriting makes an artist.

Great songwriting is a skill.

The most powerful skill you can learn today is STORYTELLING.

Learning how to tell effective stories with your music separates the pros from the amateurs.

This one skill will have you stand out musically from the rest and succeed.

Learning how to tell effective stories with your music separates the pros from the amateurs.

It takes practice. As music creators, it's your only job.

Tell a story through your music in a way that makes the listener feel emotional.

Make them cry, laugh, feel happy, feel sad, feel motivated, feel inspired.

Here are 3 examples of how artists used a story to sell millions of records worldwide:


50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Trying (2004)

50 Cent, rapper from Southside Jamaica Queens got shot nine times and his album was basically about him being shot.

He didn’t speak about being shot nine times on every song but the theme, artwork and story behind it caused everyone to wanna learn more about this guy.

Whist doing press, tours, interviews - they all wanted to meet the guy who got shot 9 times and hear him tell his story.

It was all building his brand image as the 'gangster' rapper.

I'm not saying to go get shot 9 times to launch your career. Tell an intersting story (or someone elses story) to gain attention around your single/album.


Kayne West - Late Registration (2004)

Kanye West's first album 'late registration' was centred around his car accident that broke his jaw.

This was the theme around his first single 'Through the wire' too.

The car crash accident nearly ended his life but he lived to survive and tell his story. 


Usher - Confessions (2004)

This  album was about the true story of him betrayng his wife and getting another woman pregnant.

Usher confessed his sins over the entire record.

Every interviewer wanted to know who the woman was that he had gotten pregnant



Develop the habit of turning really powerful stories into art. 

Sharing your stories or other people's stories is the tried and tested formula to impacting people emotionally.

Remember this: You are a storyteller.

You are not a rapper, you are not an artist, you are not a producer.

Your job is to tell stories by painting clear mental pictures with your words.

The better you get at telling these stories, the more people you’re going to be able to attract to your music and have them listening to your songs on repeat.

The more dramatic and emotional a story is - the more it will impact listeners.

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