Top Music Marketing Bundle - Music Marketing 2021


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Marketing can be a monstrous task if you don't know how to get the ball rolling.

Unfortunately, there are so many talented is musicians that lack exposure.

It is hard to build a loyal and massive fanbase.

Build an audience and grow to be the successful musician you daydream about all the time.


- How to get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers (value £21)

- How to sell your beats on Instagram (value £49)

- Spotify curators and playlist contact details (value £25)

- Top 50 music supervisor directory list (value £30)

- Top 50 TV show contacts list (value £30)

- Top 20 video games contacts (value £30)

- YouTube marketing training guide (value £49)

- Filthy rich emails - email marketing templates for artists (value £29)

- Beginners guide: Stock investing for music creators (value £10)