How To Get Music Placed In Film and TV

How To Get Your Songs on TV and Film

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Get Your Songs On TV and in Movies!

Every time a reality star wrestles a crocodile or slaps their best friend on TV, a song is playing. Whenever an actor or actress turns the radio dial in a movie, a song is playing. That can be your song, and you could get the royalties and exposure from it. This book shows you how to start (right now).
"This book has everything you need to get your songs on TV."
 Anthony G. Crisano, Founder of Coney Island Music
Whether you are into rock, rap, hip hop, or electronic music production, "How To Get Your Songs On TV and Film" can help put your songs to work. There are online opportunities for songwriters, producers, beat makers, and bands to submit their songs everywhere. This book is a map is the foundation to finding these opportunities in 2019.
If you write and record music, there is a very good chance your songs can be used in the background of television shows, commercials, and film. Unsigned indie artists can submit their music for placements without being signed to a record label or publishing deal. It's easy, and you can start today.
Inside This Book You Will Learn:
  • How to pitch your music to libraries and licensing companies

  • Songwriting tips and techniques for television, commercials, and film

  • How music royalties and licensing work

  • Inspiration and motivation for songwriters

This is a great way for musicians (even a solo guitarist or drummer) to make money making music. YouTube videos, video games, and online video advertisements all need production music.
You can sell your songs and earn royalties as a full time, self-employed musician or as a side hustle. Audio producers, engineers, beat makers, electronic music DJs, lyricists, and composers can all make money and gain fans. If you have a home recording studio, make beats, or program music, then you are halfway there.

This book reveals secrets of the industry, and is an easy guide with everything you need to know about breaking into the production music business. You can still be a rock star on Soundcloud and Spotify, but this can help to launch your music career much sooner.