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How To Sing Like Chris Brown in 30 Days

How to sing like Chris Brown? It’s a question that has been asked by many singers around the world. While there is no one definitive answer, there are definitely some techniques that you can use to help you sound more like the R&B superstar. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of these techniques and tips so that you can start singing like Chris Brown in no time!

1. Master your singing range

Like all good musicians out there, Chris Brown has mastered the art of singing without cracking or distortion to his voice. This is simply because he has mastered his vocal range and can effectively belt out tunes without any issues.
This is one technique that makes you sing like a pro. 

According to this article on Wikipedia, the vocal range is that range of pitches that a human voice can phonate. What this means is that when applied within the context of singing, it can be used as a defining characteristic for classifying singing voices into voice types.

Chris Brown has a vocal range which spans well over 2 octaves and has a vocal type of spinto tenor. So if you really want to learn how to sing like Chris Brown and belt those tones, then you need to ensure that you master your vocal range and train your voice to sing without cracking.

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2. Correct Breathing Techniques

The next thing you want to do, if you want to be as good as Chris Brown is to learn how to breathe properly while singing.

Ask any famous musician or well renowned voice coach and they will tell you that the one key to becoming a great singer is to master your breathing technique.

If you can effectively learn how to breathe and sing at the same time you are definitely on track to become a great singer like Chris Brown.Learning how to breathe properly while singing will help you master your vocal skills.

Breathing is something that many people don't think about, but it's actually really important for singers! When we're out of breath from running or yelling at our kids (or even just talking), the sound becomes more difficult because there are restrictions on what muscles can do--including those used in vocals.

So take deep breaths before every practice session; this way not only does better tone come easily by making sure all parts get enough oxygen, but also staying happy with yourself during exercises seems less daunting when energy levels aren’t dropping down low again after only 10 seconds


3. Vocal Preset Templates

Number 3 is a cool little life hack that we discovered a few years ago when it comes to getting that chris brown sound, and that is Vocal Presets.

You may not have heard of a vocal preset before but theyre work fairly simple.With a vocal preset an artist or producer can just load up the preset, turn on their mic, and start recording.

The vocal preset contains “pre set” effects to get the artist instantly closer to their goal. Vocal presets first started emerging in rap music and have now widened into EDM, pop and RNB.

This will not have an immediate change to your voice when performing live however when performing on a song, whereby you want that certain rnb chris brown type feel, this may work wonders for you. 


4. Diaphram Breathing

While learning how to breathe properly while singing is very important, the next best thing you need to know is how to breathe from your diaphragm. See when it comes to singing, your diaphragm is referred to as the powerhouse.
This is because, it is your diaphragm that allows you to belt high tunes and sustain it for a very long time.
If you cannot get your diaphragm to cooperate with you while singing, then your voice will start to crack and you can say goodbye to your dreams of singing like Chris Brown

Here are some tips to help you effectively sing from your diaphragm

  • If you are having trouble locating your diaphragm, lie on the floor and then place a moderate weight over your stomach. Then push the weight up using your stomach and then sing. Those muscles are your diaphragm
  • Lay on your back and put 1 hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest. Slowly inhale and feel your belly rise. Once your chest starts to rise, begin exhaling. 


5. Expand Vocal Range

Anyone can expand their vocal range but it takes a lot of practice, time, and patience.
I used to be able to only sing in chest voice and falsetto, but now I can sing in every voice that I mentioned – I have around a 6.8-octave vocal range.
If you want help expanding your range then just hire me as your tutor and I’ll help you expand it little by little with every voice lesson.

Here are the steps we’ll take:

  • First step: Discovering your current vocal range is our first step. I will play a virtual piano, and you will sing each note I play (if you have mimicry then this will be easy) until we have found your vocal range. If you know your range already then we skip this step.
  • Second step: We then discover your weak spots – where your voice sounds weak, where you have trouble, and where you need help. After this we can then start expanding your vocal range.
  • Third step: I will then teach you and give you tips and suggestions on how to sing lower or higher – depending on what you want. Here is where our lessons will vary completely seeing as each student is different.
  • Fourth step: Every time we discover a new voice I will teach you to bridge your voices together so there is no gap between them. Typically this is our last step with each voice.



So, if you're looking to improve your vocal range and start sounding more like Chris Brown in your own singing, be sure to check out the different techniques we've outlined here. And don't forget - practice makes perfect! Once you've got the hang of these exercises, try composing your own songs with Logic Pro X using our superstar chris brown vocal templates. We hope you enjoy singing as much as we do. Thanks for reading!

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