Do Vocal Presets Work?

Do Vocal Presets Work?


Vocal presets are the latest craze everybodys talking about. In this article im going to share with you my honest thoughts on wether vocal presets really work? Lets dive in

1. What is a vocal preset?

According to, A vocal chain is essentially a chain of effects you process your vocals with. Some of these are inserted directly on the audio channel strip while others are placed on return channels which you send the vocals to.

In a nutshell, its a bunch of effects put together to make vocal sound better, clearer and more professional. Most artists nowadays record songs in their bedroom but dont truely understand which effects are needed for their vocals to sound professional. 

Vocal presets could perhaps be the easiest and fastest way to make a vocal sound expensive, allowing artists to focus on the most important thing they care about: writing and recording.

Volume Automation
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2. Who are vocal presets for? 

Vocal presets are for recording artists, music producers, recording and mixing engineers. Depending on your level of expertise, most beginners will find vocal presets useful whilst experts may not need them because they already know what a vocal needs in terms of compression and EQ etc.

With the rise of home studios, vocal preset seem to offer the quick fix solution for recording artists and engineers.

3. Which effects are used in Vocal Presets? 

Effects used in vocal presets can be different depending on the what vocal sound you want but the fundamental effects are:

Compression ✔️
EQ ✔️
De-Essing ✔️
Reverb ✔️
Multiband Compression ✔️
Noise Gating ✔️
Limiting ✔️
Filtering ✔️
Pitch Correction ✔️

These effects used in the right amounts and in the right order will transform any vocal giving it that sparkle and shine

4. How do you use vocal presets?

 Unlike native instruments plugins and waves plug-ins which require hardware installation and configurating: vocal presets dont.

Its a simple plug and play system whereby you drag and drop the CST (channel strip setting) file into the channel strip setting folder and its done.

It seems like the underlying theme with vocal presets seem to be time. Quick sound, Quick quality and Quick Installation

Source - Sonible


Vocal presets seem to be the future of home studio recording. Anything that makes workflow faster is always going to be celebrated in a world where we'd rather die than wait for anything.

'Get Quick or Die Waiting' seems to be more fitting

Theres plenty of free vocal presets online in the market.

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Warren 'Thir13een Beatz' Young 
Professional producer, singer and music coach.

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