Barock Rain - Rusty Box

Barock Rain - Rusty Box

The pandemic has caused numerous changes in the world and in people's daily lives. Such events often lead to introspection, where one examines their inner self and their approach to the world. This is where Barock Rain comes in. The band was formed in 2022 and its members have prior musical experience in bands such as Life-crusher, Suffer, Excoriated, and Fever Dreams. The members, Gilles on drums, Dave on bass, Damian on lead guitar, Luc on rhythm guitar, Jan on synths, and Martin on vocals, shift towards a quieter and catchier pop-rock sound with Barock Rain.


The band's wavy old-pop-rock delves into the city of Solothurn and its complexities, touching on life experiences that are unique to the area. The music of Barock Rain is a melancholic blend of straight-forward rock and meandering indie, reminiscent of a comforting cup of coffee in a long-forgotten city. It captures the bittersweet feeling of returning to Solothurn.

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