2.L.O.C.O. IN CRIME - Demonikkk Possessed feat. CANIBUS

2.L.O.C.O. IN CRIME - Demonikkk Possessed feat. CANIBUS


2.L.O.C.O. In Crime is an artist hailing from the western suburbs of Sydney Australia. The multi talented producer operates in the realm of Hip Hop and has also been an avid graffiti artist since the year 2000. He enjoys travelling the world in every continent applying his art, collecting music samples along the way and networking with likeminded musical creatives. 2.L.O.C.O.


In Crime has a distinct musical style, the artist showcases hard hitting lyrics of blending influences of graffiti, rhymes and life, all with enigmatic punchlines and effortless flow. Impressively 2.L.O.C.O. has an extensive live resume with over one hundred shows played globally at home in Australia as well as in Europe.


Opening for numerous international acts such as Necro, Mystro, Def Wish Cast and many more. Releasing a plethora of songs since 2004, with mixtapes, singles and albums released independently along with various features from artists worldwide.


Notably among his impressive lists of achievements was 2.L.O.C.O.’s song and music visual Westie Stand-Off was a national hit receiving significant support on both radio and TV. The artist now shifts his attention to his 2022 release titled- “Veinz Of Paint.” The full length LP features artists and producers such as Bhoky101, Hoktwo, Ran-Dee, Vix Skratch, Layzee Ella, Young Buck and Tragedy Khadafi.


The highly anticipated LP is set for commercial release during the first half of 2022 and will be available on 12 inch vinyl, cd and all digital platforms. Before the release of the LP, 2.L.O.C.O. will release his promotional single entitled "Demonikkk Possessed” featuring New York artist Canibus.


The song will showcase both artists spitting 32 bars each and providing listeners and fans with an in depth offering of storytelling before the release of the full length LP.

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