Successful Ways of Selling Beats on Instagram

Successful Ways of Selling Beats on Instagram

While most beat-makers are used to standard marketplaces for digital production when it comes to selling online instrumentals. However, only a few know about less-traditional platforms like Instagram. If you are too concerned about how to sell beats on Instagram, then worry not. You can have more than one billion active users on the platform. No wonder why it is the best platform to sell free hip-hop loops.

Top Best Ways to Sell Beats on Instagram

Here are some of the guidelines to help you sell instrumentals on Instagram effectively.

Establish Your Profile

Setting up a music bio is key to selling beats on the social media platform. On visiting your IG account, one must understand that you are a music producer. Your IG profile must have the required information that your audience is searching for. You might have to incorporate a purchase or website link in your bio. Apart from the director’s audience where they can buy your beats. If you want to know how to sell beats on Instagram effectively. You have to include a good bio stating the following:

  • Accomplishments
  • Achievements
  • Big-Name Clients
  • Product Style

Connect with Other Instagram Users

One way to attract more attention to your free hip-hop loops on IG is to connect with other recording artists. You might also want to connect with other music accounts and music producers. This will keep you informed on what they are posting. Besides, it will boost your overall visibility and engagement with people of the same frequency.

Include Appropriate Hashtags

Everyone knows the importance of hashtags. With such high traffic on IG, using the right hashtag is essential to keep yourself distinct from the crowd. Using relevant hashtags is also the best way of being seen and attracting new followers. Use at least 10-15 hashtags in your new post. The hashtags must be relevant to the music.

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