How Building A Following is like Jumping on a Trampoline

How Building A Following is like Jumping on a Trampoline

Hey friend,

So I was on IG the other morning and came across a video called 'Building a following is like jumping on a trampoline'.

I was like 'ok here we go another crazy metaphor for success by some random self proclaiming success guru.

BUT it wasn't. Straight up and down it just wasn't. I don't know who this guy is or whats his name but the way he broke it down super quick and fast, it completely shifted my mindset. 

He talks about success as a trampoline. Say for example you bought a trampoline and started jumping on it, maybe only 1 little girl across the street sees you. then next time you jumps a guy walking by comes over and says 'hey man nice jump'. This is how building a following is.

Each time you post something on the internet like a blog post, video or content on Instagram, Facebook or twitter, you may only get 1 follower each time. But one day you will jump and a whole school bus of 400 kids on it goes by and sees you jump! BOOM! you've gone viral now. Everybody's on your shit, knows who you are and loves you because your now the 'jump-off'.

It always has and always will be about consistency. Im a huge believer that "we all get our shot, its wether we stick around long enough to see it."


Stay in the game and be consistent. Even if your consistency is once a week... do it once a week! and I guarantee you, you'll reap the rewards.



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