Ego vs Economics

Ego vs Economics

Unfortunately in this business a lot of what you see is smoke and mirrors. Also a lot of what you hear, as far as information isn't told to you directly from a source, it's either from some teacher (who's never done it) or from some guy on youtube who wants subscribers so they set up a nice workstation and pretend to be in the industry.

Also when you're hearing a song on the radio, you're usually just thinking of the artist. Like "Oh there's a new Adelle song out" but you're not thinking of Adelle's team. Her manager, promoter, publishing company, the writers, the investors, the A&R, none of that is processed because the media never really highlights those vital and important people. They only focus on the artist.

Now that being said, this artist focused society due to social media has created a monster of Ego filled artists , who rather get attention than learn how to become good musicians. There are too many people in the marketplace that "LOOK" like artists or who can create shock factor but they actually are not going to last long because they don't have the necessary business and music skills needed for longevity.

So it's always interesting to me when someone wants to pay money to get more youtube or Spotify views when you don't make that money back?!!!!!???! Then why do you want to invest so much time into that??? Sure, if you have a song that becomes HUGE from it, it might be worth it, but that's very very rare. I'm talking about the average solid production isn't going to get 20 million streams just because you put it on spotify.

When no one is looking around and noticing that there are more Tv shows and movies than ever before and guess what... They all need music and they all pay money!

All the members in my private Billboard 500 Club know this because I post my checks, I posted my contracts, they see how to negotiate, they learn the realities of the business.

Even if one person reads this and understands, it makes way more common sense to invest your time and money in places that actually have a return on your investment, then just wanting attention.
No one is fooled by the fake about of followers youtube views.


Written by Adam (IG: @musicindustrycontact)

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