Make Money As A Musician Online

Make Money As A Musician Online

Musicians always struggle financially is a stereotype I despise

Especially when its so easy to make money as a musician online

I've earned almost six figures this year online and only 30% of that has come from actually selling anything to do with music.

So where did the other 70% of my income come from I hear you ask?

By taking advantage of all the opportunites the internet has to offer:

Let me explain what I mean

Most musicians assume a musician must only make money from music and theres no room to do anything else.

Wave goodbye to the days where you made a living from merchandise, digital streaming, online gigs etc. 

Those days are pretty much dead

Therefore those who live in the past - get left behind 

Those who adapt and adjust - thrive and prosper

I sell everything and anything I can get my hands on. Heres a few things you can do to make money as a musician online:

1. Amazon FBA
2. Ebay
3. Digital eBooks
4. Blogging
5. Turo
6. YouTubing
7. Stocks

If your ready to make money as a musician online your going to have to start thinking outside the box

Let me breakdown a few of these options and how they can work for you


Amazon is the worlds largest marketplace which means theres hundreds of thousands of people shopping on there at any given moment.

This is a scenario your going to take advantage of and profit from

Go to ebay or aliexpress and choose a product you use or think will sell.

Order 10 of them and list the product on Amazon for sell for 3x the price you bought it.

Send directly to amazons warehouse.

This will allow amazon to ship your product out to customers whenever they purchase your product.

All you do is kick back and collect profits

(P.S. - Amazon take a small fee for handling and shipping)

I sell an entire range of sexual health supplements on amazon and make a killing - Amazon its very lucrative once you've found a product and get a few good reviews on it

This my friend is how you make money as a musician online



eBays a simple concept most people are familiar with. Sell old things from around your home you no longer use.

This will bring you extra money however its shortlived

What you going to sell once you've sold your old pokemon cards, ps4 games and kid you liked least?

Its a this point your going to turn to amazon again and find products you like on their and relist them on ebay 40% higher cost

Once the sale comes through on ebay simply hop over to amazon, buy the product as you normally would but instead of shipping to yourself - enter the ebay customers address and have amazon ship it straight to them.

You've just made a sale without having to ever touch the product



This my friend is how you make money as a musician online


Digital eBOOKs

I love selling ebooks.

Imagine this - writing a small 15 page ebook about a topic your know a small amount about and selling unlimited amount of copies of it

Its genius

Start by choosing a topic you like - examples: how to warm up your voice, vocal production, how to play guitar, how to sing

Then write 15 pages about the topic

Create a ebook cover on

Upload it to and sell it for 10$

Give it 2-3 months and I guarantee you your phone will start flashing with incoming sales daily.

If it dont i will personally pay you $200. Thats how confident I am in selling ebooks

This my friend is how you make money as a musician online



Creating a blog is lucrative but takes longer in time than the rest of these opportunites however some would argue that its the most profitable one of them all.

I'd disagree personally but i guess thats what makes a good arguement (opposing thoughts)

Blogging is a simple idea whereby you create a blog on wordpress and write articles about music topics

- Singing
- Industry News
- Showbiz
- Music Production

You them make money by offering advertising space to other advertisers who want to advertise their product or service to your music readers 

You can directly contact advertisers with an offer or you can install google adsense and google will find the advertisers for you and handle money and budget with them.

All you do is kick back and count profits


This my friend is how you make money as a musician online and the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get start getting paid. Go ahead and try out these methods now and being making money online

Any questions feel free to drop them in the comment section below and I'll be sure to get back to you with answers



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