How to Promote Beats on YouTube ( 8 Marketing Tips )

How to Promote Beats on YouTube ( 8 Marketing Tips )

How to Promote Beats on YouTube ( 8 Marketing Tips )


Here are a few helpful marketing tips for music producers on how to promote beats on YouTube.

How to Sell Beats on YouTube

Why Promote on YouTube?

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, the first is Google. Utilize both of them to help build your brand and promote your beats.


1. Beat Making Videos

Create beat making videos to build your online brand. If your videos are fun and creative, you can build a huge fan base on YouTube. Your fans will promote and share your videos with others.

Article: How to Make Beat Making Videos ( 3 Steps )

Here are a few examples of some of my favorite beat making videos.

What Makes a Good Beat Making Video?

  1. Having a good beat is a MUST. If your beat sucks, it doesn’t matter how good your video is.
  2. Be entertaining to keep your audience’s attention. Short videos are suggested.
  3. Get creative with videos and editing.
  4. Aim for good quality and good lighting to help your videos look professional.

2. Remix Popular Songs

Remixing songs is a popular way of building a fan base. By remixing a popular song, you can use a music artist’s name to get more views.

Example: Misto & Pizzi Remixed Britney Spears’s “Circus”
This song has received over 5 million views on their YouTube Channel.

3. Instrumental Videos

Create videos to showcase your beats. This can be a simple static image, or audio visualizer to look more professional.

Single Image Example

Audio Visualizer Example
You can find Audio Visualizer templates here.

Make sure you include a link in the description directly to the beat for the listener to buy. Make the process easy for them.

4. Share Knowledge

If you create helpful videos sharing information on the music industry, you can place yourself as an expert and people will come to you for more information.

Example: The 7 Most Important Music Production Tips

YouTube Do’s

  • Leave your website address and contact information in the description of your YouTube videos.
  • Use your beats for your YouTube videos so people can hear your music.
  • Tag your videos with keywords

YouTube Don’ts

  • Don’t post your links in the comments of other people’s comments
  • Don’t overuse video annotations

5. Promote Finished Songs

Post videos of songs made with your beats. This will show viewer possibilities of what could be done with your beats.

6. Behind the Scene Videos

Show videos of you in the studio working with music artist. This will help to be viewed as more than a beat maker but as a professional music producer.

Example: Fabolous & Hit-Boy Working Together

7. Video Teasers

Give short video previews of things you are working on. This can be songs you are working on with music artist, new services, upcoming projects and more.

8. Host Contest & Giveaways

People love free stuff, so you can run a contest to motivate your audience to Like, Share, Leave a Comment, and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Additional YouTube Marketing Tips

  1. Create good video thumbnails – Good thumbnails will help you get more views.
  2. Define your audience – Come up with a plan on who you are trying to market too and create content they will enjoy.
  3. Be Consistent – To build an audience you need to be consistent with adding content.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful.

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