How To Get Your Music Heard by Millions

How To Get Your Music Heard by Millions

Aries, my 6 year old daughter ignores every word I tell here. I tell her to tidy her room, shes ignores me. I tell her to put her toys away, she laughs.

It's only when I use my 'big voice', she stops and says 'ok daddy, calm down'. This reminds me of the music industry and getting your music heard.If you're an up-and-coming artist, or you've been making music for a while but haven't had much success getting your music heard by the masses, don't worry. There are steps you can take to increase your chances of getting your music heard by millions by all over the world.

1. Understand the music industry and how it works

As an aspiring musician, it's important to understand how the music industry works. Otherwise, you'll be at a disadvantage when it comes to getting your music heard. The first thing to understand is that the music industry is a business. And like any other business, there are players who are looking to make a profit. That means that if you want to get your music out there, you need to find a way to make it attractive to these industry players. One way to do this is by creating a buzz around your music.

This can be done by building up a following on social media or by generating positive press reviews. Another way to make your music more attractive to the industry is by winning awards or accolades. This shows that you're serious about your craft and that you have the potential to be successful. Ultimately, understanding how the music industry works is essential for any aspiring musician who wants to make it big.

2. Create high-quality music that stands out from the rest

In a saturated market, it can be tough to get your music heard. How do you make sure that your music stands out from the rest? How can you create high-quality tracks that will grab attention and keep listeners coming back for more?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Be unique. There's no formula for success, so don't try to copy what's already out there. Instead, focus on being yourself and creating music that is true to your vision.

  1. Work with talented people. Collaborate with other musicians, producers, and engineers who can help you take your music to the next level.

  1. Don't rush the process. Quality takes time, so make sure you allow yourself the necessary time and space to create the best possible tracks.

  1. Promote your music. In today's digital age, there are many ways to get your music out there. Use social media, blogs, and other online platforms to reach new listeners and grow your fan base.

By following these tips, you can create high-quality music that will help you stand out from the rest.

3. Build a fanbase of dedicated fans who will support you and your music

If you're an up-and-coming musician, one of the most important things you can do is build a fanbase of dedicated fans who will support you and your music. In today's music landscape, it can be difficult to get your music heard. There are so many different platforms and channels, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. 

One of the best ways to cut through the noise is to connect with your fans directly. By building a strong relationship with your fans, you create a group of people who are invested in your success and who will help to spread the word about your music. There are a number of ways to connect with your fans, including social media, email newsletters, and live events. The important thing is to be genuine and authentic in your interactions.

Your fans will appreciate your willingness to engage with them, and they'll be more likely to return the favor by supporting your music.

4. Use social media to reach new listeners and promote your music

In today's day and age, social media is a powerful tool that can be used to reach new listeners and promote your music. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide musicians with an easy way to share their work with the world. The key to success is to use these platforms wisely and strategically. For example, hashtags are a great way to get your music noticed by people who are searching for new tunes. Posting regularly, promoting your gigs, and offering free downloads are also great ways to attract new listeners. With a little effort and creativity, you can use social media to give your music career a boost.

  1. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a powerful tool that can help you reach new listeners and promote your music. You can target your ads to people based on their interests, location, and age. You can also set a budget for your ads so that you don't spend more than you can afford.

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your music noticed on social media. When you use relevant hashtags, your posts will show up in search results for those terms, and people who are searching for that music will be able to find you. Make sure to use a variety of hashtags, and don’t forget to use trending hashtags as well.

  1. Use visuals

People are more likely to engage with posts that contain visuals, so make sure to include photos and videos with your posts. You can also create eye-catching visuals by using graphic design tools like Canva.

  1. Engage with other users

Make sure to like and comment on other users’ posts, especially if they are posting about similar artists or genres of music. This will help you get on their radar, and they may start following you as well. You can also join relevant online communities and participate in discussions about music.

  1. Niche pages

Paying niche pages on social media to promote your music can be a great way to reach new listeners. One of the best platforms for this is Instagram. There are a number of ways to find relevant pages to promote your music on instagram. You can search for hashtags related to your genre of music, or you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to find popular posts in your niche. Once you've found a few pages that you think would be a good fit, reach out to them and see if they're interested in promoting your music.

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5. Connect with other artists and collaborate on projects

There's no question that music is a collaborative art form. Even the most independent artists typically work with others at some point in the creative process, whether it's co-writing songs, sharing ideas, or simply getting feedback on their work. But what many artists don't realize is that collaboration doesn't just stop at the creative level - it can also be essential for promoting and marketing your music.

Connecting with other artists can help you to reach a wider audience, get your music heard by new people, and build a stronger following. In today's music business, it's more important than ever to create connections and collaborate with other artists. Here are just a few reasons why: 

  1. You can reach a wider audience: Joining forces with other artists allows you to tap into their fan base and expand your own reach. Collaborations are also great for social media promotion - by teaming up with other creatives, you can cross-promote your projects and significantly grow your audience.

  1. You can get feedback and input: Collaborating with other artists is a great way to get feedback on your work, as well as some fresh perspective and inspiration. Sometimes it takes another artist to help you see your work in a new light and take it to the next level.

  1. It can help you build a stronger following: When fans see that you're working with other artists they admire, it can make them more likely to check out your music. And if they like what they hear, they're more likely to become fans themselves.

  1. You can create something bigger than yourself: There's strength in numbers, and when you collaborate with other creatives you can pool your resources and create something truly special. By working together, you can make something that neither of you could have made on your own. 

So if you're looking to take your music career to the next level, don't be afraid to reach out and collaborate with other artists. Chances are you'll be surprised at how much it can benefit you - both creatively and professionally.

6. Stay positive and believe in yourself and your music

It's tough out there for any musician, but it's especially tough if you're not staying positive and believing in yourself. How can you expect anyone else to believe in you or your music if you don't? It all starts with having a positive attitude and staying focused on your goals. If you're constantly doubt yourself and your abilities, it will only make it that much harder to achieve success. Instead, focus on what you're good at and what makes your music unique.

Be passionate about your art and let that passion shine through in everything you do. If you stay positive, work hard, and stay true to yourself, anything is possible. Who knows? Maybe one day your music will be heard by the world. But it all starts with believing in yourself. So don't give up on your dreams – keep fighting for them. That's the only way they'll become a reality.


If you follow these tips, you'll be well on your way to getting your music heard by more people. But don't stop there! Keep working hard and perfecting your craft, and who knows - maybe one day you'll be the next big thing. Thanks for reading, and we hope this post was helpful. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help promote your music, click here.


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