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6 Music Services You Can Offer to Make Money

Are you making music right now but short for cash?

Here are 6 music service you can provide online to make money. As a music creator you should focus on creating multiple sources of income to make a living.

If you are a music creator, you may have learned many different music skills that you can offer online as a service.

If you are trying to make a living off of music, you should not depend 100% on one thing.

No successful entrepreneur or business man depends on one thing for all their income. They try to offer multiple products or services to make money.

Let’s say it is your goal to make $4,000 per month from music.

All of that may not come from selling beats.

Maybe 20% of that comes from music services, 25% of that comes from selling products, and the rest from beats.

Example: For Thir13een.com, 50% of my income comes from products, 40% from music services, and 10% from ads.

So focus on creating multiple streams of income if you want to make more money.

Your customers are people who love music, but also other music creators. A lot of music artists are in need of services they do not know how to do themselves.

So here are a couple ideas for music services you can offer online.

1. Audio Mixing

If you’re good at mixing songs, there are people in need of your skills. You can offer an hourly rate or flat rate for mixing down final songs.

This service can include mixing songs, podcasts, audio books, voice-overs, etc.

Music Services
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This can include:

  • Vocal
  • Tuning / Editing
  • Noise Reduction / Removal
  • Reverb/Echo Removing
  • Equalization

2. Audio Mastering

You can offer a service to master audio to sound professional.

This can include:

  • Volume Maximization
  • Equalization
  • Multiband Dynamic Compression
  • Warm saturation processing
  • Master Compression
  • High-Quality Audio Files

3. Songwriting

Believe it or not, a lot of music artists do not write their own songs. If you have a talent for hooks and melodies, you can make money by writing songs for music artists.

For bigger music artists you can get paid royalties if a song becomes popular.

4. Audio Editing

Many people do not have the time or knowledge to edit audio for themselves, so this is a service you can offer that may be easy for you.

Custom Beats

5. Custom Beats

Some music artists are in need of custom beats made specifically for them because they are seeking a specific type of mood or feeling for their project.

6. Video Scoring

Music is pretty much used for anything related to video, so you can offer services for scoring movies, commercials, TV shows, video games, documentaries, animations, and more.

Additional Service Ideas

Here are service ideas for advanced creators.

  1. Graphic Design
    • Album Covers
    • Print & Web Graphics
  2. Video Editing
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Email Marketing Management

Tips For Offering Music Services

  1. Research your competitors to see what they are charging for similar music services.
  2. Be open to negotiate pricing for your services.
  3. Offer bundle deals. Example: If a customer buys x amount of beats, they can get certain services at a lower price.
  4. Be professional – Repeat customers and customer referrals can be helpful to your music business.
  5. Make ordering a music service easy. Offer secure payments.
  6. Try to offer some type of “Satisfaction Guaranteed” policy to help new customers feel comfortable spending money with you.
  7. Showcase completed customer work.
  8. Gather customer testimonials to help build trust.
  9. Offer rush jobs for an additional cost.
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