There are many free music making software out there which you can use to produce your own tunes at home. Not all of them will be compatible with Windows though. 

That is why we've decided to compile a list of the best music software that you can download for free.

- Rhino, a multitrack audio environment for Windows and Mac.

- Audacity, a cross-platform multitrack audio editor with support for LADSPA effects.

- LMMS , Linux MultiMedia Studio is a free alternative to commercial programs such as FL Studio, Cubase, Logic and ProTools.

- SONAR Home Studio is a free version of Cakewalk's popular Windows Recording software.

- GarageBand is a multitrack audio editor which was originally included with every new Mac.

- ReBirth Amp, a simulation of the legendary TB303 synthesizer. You can download it for free from Cubase, Logic and Reason.

- Ardour, the Free DAW that you can use to record, edit and mix your music.

- Mixxx is a free DJ mixer for professional DJs as well as amateurs who want to have fun mixing their favorite tracks.

- The list of best free other recording software includes Tracktion 4, an audio workstation for recording, editing and mixing all types of 


- MixPad is digital audio workstation software that enables you to record, edit and mix your own music productions.

- MuseScore is a scorewriter developed by musicians for both amateur musicians and professional composers.

- The list of best free virtual instruments includes Dorico Elements, the entry-level version of Steinberg's new music notation software.

- Muxic is a VST host that will allow you to use Windows DLL files in your favorite audio editor (by loading them into Muxic).

- Bounce Metronome is an advanced free metronome which you can use to practice your timing.

- LMMS, a free music production program packed with features which you can use to create melodies and harmonies.

- Battey is a free clone of the Battery drum machine that comes standard with every copy of Ableton Live Suite.

- Hydrogen is a free drum machine that works on Linux, Mac and Windows.

- Addictive Drums is a free drum machine for Windows and Mac.

- The list of free music production software includes iMaschine 2 - Native Instruments' free sequel to its drum sampler app.

- The free version of Geist, a drum machine and multi-effects unit which you can use on Mac.

- Max/MSP is a free visual programming language for music.

- Pure Data, free visual programming environment for creating your own instruments and audio effects.

- Reaktor 5 Player will allow you to load up Reaktor 5 ensembles without having to purchase the full version of Native Instruments' powerful music production software.

- Ableton Live Lite is a free version of Ableton Live, one of the most popular DAWs in the world which you can use to record, mix and master your own songs.

- The free version of ReFX's NEXUS2 is a powerful synthesizer which you can use to make your own melodies and drum beats.

- The free version of Dune 2, one of the most popular synthesizers on Mac and Windows. It will allow you to load up any presets made with the full version of SYLENTH1, an advanced hybrid

"All it takes is your imagination, some creativity and the right software to bring your ideas to life."

- MusicTech magazine.

I hope you guys find these free music software apps to be useful.

What’s Your Free Music Production Software App?

If you are looking for more software check out Free Audio Editing Software Programs.

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