Lil Baby Vocal Effect - Record Vocals Like "Sum 2 Prove"

Lil Baby Vocal Effect - Record Vocals Like "Sum 2 Prove"

1. Pitch correction

The first effect used to get the lil baby sound in 'sum 2 prove' is autotune. Pitch correction set to max. This is the standard setting in any type of melodic song in hip hop today. You can use logic pros free auto tune pitch corrector or my personal favorite Waves real-time autotune plug in


2. Channel EQ

Channel eq will alot for the lil baby sound you want. Take the bass out of the voice to remove the muddy sound. Then boost the highs around 5khz to add shine to the vocal.


3. De-esser

Next, I used logic pro's de-esser to remove all the unwanted 'ess'es' and 'sshh's'.
This annoys the hell out of most listeners and makes the vocal sound clearer and cleaner. 


4. Compression

I love strong compression on rap vocals, It makes it really sit better 'inside' the beat. I used the standard logic pro vocal compression on this song which came out great.


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