How To Mix Rap Vocals: Basic Guide [EASY]

How To Mix Rap Vocals: Basic Guide [EASY]


so you wanna know how to mix rap vocals? You wanna know how to get your vocal mix less harsh / rusty and more shiny / clear? Well keep scrolling, I got you.

Now most articles online are filled with fancy music terms, long ass paragraphs and other shit that'll put you to sleep quicker than anesthesia. This ain't that, this is straight to the point of what you need to do to get up and running. so lets get to it.

1. Compression

Compression is important to making your rap the same volume. Sometimes you might shout and sometimes you might whisper so the compresser makes it all one level. I use logic pro's compressor or waves SSL

2. EQ

EQ is crucial because it changes the sound of your vocal by removing bass, mids and treble. Why would you wanna remove these things? To make it sit inside the instrumental not on top. The human ear is sensitive so you gotta edit the EQ's so the listener enjoys what they hear.

3. Autotune

Now the compression and EQ are compulsory (a must). but auto-tune is optional, you can apply it only when you want that t-pain / young thug hip hop sound. I use logic auto-tune, theres many more on the market but logics works well for me. The trick with autotune is tuning the right key and the video below shows you better then I can tell you


and thats how I mix my rap vocals. CLICK HERE to download my vocal presets sif your unsure of how to mix rap vocals yourself of just dont have the time to learn all this boring stuff! lol

See you soon!

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