We don't cover SoundCloud enough, so here are some super useful tag tips! 👇⁣

1. Understand The Soundcloud Algorithm 

SoundCloud relies on the "DiscoRank" algorithm with its search engine and Explore pages to provide the best-match content to searchers. In that respect, it’s very similar to Google.

If you’re searching for “how to use SoundCloud tags,” you want to find content that responds to that question. The more relevant your genre and your tags are to users’ searchers, the higher will your track rank in the results.⁣

2. Use Mood Focused Tags

The key tags to focus on here are mood tags. Let’s say you’re posting a pop track. What is the track’s vibe? Is it a summer hit? Is it moody?

All of these descriptors can be used as tags, because they’re the ones listeners look for, as well.⁣

3. Leverage Soundcloud Sub-Genre Tags

Yes, you posted a #country track, but is it #bluegrass#Alternative Country? If one instrument is prominent, make sure you add it.

For example, using specific tags like #drumsolo and #guitar instrumental is a phenomenal way to reach more listeners who know exactly what they’re looking for!

You can also add your brand name to your tag mix, to improve your branding on the platform.⁣

4. Add Detailed Tags⁣

Be sure to throw in some detailed tags such as locations, or BPM's for the more "Detailed searcher" type of audiences. But ensure you're not overdoing it with too many details. The ones above are a great start!



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