How To Find Song ISRC code on Spotify In Seconds

What is an ISRC code number?

An ISRC stands for The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)

This code is used for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings.

An ISRC identifies a particular recording, not the work (composition and lyrical content) itself on spotify

Where is an ISRC code used?

ISRC codes are necessary to sell your individual tracks via Spotify and other online music distributors.

They are also required for any songs that you plan to offer for streaming on Spotify and other streaming services.



How To Find ISRC code on Spotify?


1. Go to Spotify and click the three little dots beside the song

2. Go to share > copy song link

3. Head over to

4. Copy and paste your song link into the box

5. Click find ISRC

6. There you have it - song ISRC code!


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