Here is the list of 17 pretty useful tools you can use to speed up your workflow, find samples, get inspiration, train your ears and much more šŸ‘‡

1. autochords.com - chord progression generator

2. onlinetonegenerator.com - test tone generator

3. defonic.com - noise generator

4. clyp.it - share your music clips

5. splice.com - awesome samples, plugins n stuff

6. trainer.thetamusic.com - ear training tool

7. soundgym.co - another ear training tool

8. musictheory.net/exercises - music theory training

9. tunerr.com - online tuner tool

10. thir13een.com - music production and marketing tools

11. sampleism.com - sell your samples and sound design work

12. synthmob.com - marketplace for sounds n stuff (like Splice)

13. dropbox.com - share your files for free

14. trello.com - amazing task managing tool

15. canva.com - online photo editor

16. mailchimp.com - free email marketing solution

17. instagram.com/thir13een - Empowering Instagram page for music creators
I've been using majority of them pretty consistently and I just found out about others.

P.S Most of them are FREE šŸ”„

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section below! šŸ‘‡

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